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LyAnne is a professional photographer with more than six years of experience. She specializes in commercial and fashion photography, with some conceptual work. She bought her first film camera from her mentor, portrait and landscape photographer Scott Summers. When she’s not shooting with film she still uses her original digital camera, focusing on upgrading her skill set rather than her equipment.

LyAnne grew up in Uriah, Alabama. After moving to Orlando in 2011 she began freelancing as an Art Director for We Rise magazine. During that time, her style moved towards fashion and commercial photography. In 2015, she moved back to Alabama to finish her degree at Auburn University of Montgomery and will graduate in 2019 with a dual major in photography and graphic design.

LyAnne has been published internationally and has experience working with multiple agencies and magazines. Currently her style tends towards manipulating real life elements rather than relying on photo manipulation. She has recently begun to explore conceptual art pieces and is trying to find that perfect balance between commercial, fashion, and art.





Montgomery, Alabama

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